Home-Visit Program

Village Volunteers have been providing supportive home visits to Brattleboro-area families with new babies since 2009.  Volunteers visit once a week for 2 hours, over a period of twelve weeks.


What does a Village Volunteer do?

-Be a friend

-Fix a meal

-Wash the dishes

-Hold the baby

-Sweep the floor

-Chat and listen

-Bring you water

-Fold the laundry

-Take a walk together

-Hear your birth story

-Play with older siblings

-Run errands together

-Accompany you to appointments

-Walk the dog

-Provide referrals

-Be a friend

What does a Volunteer not do?

-Volunteers are not medically trained and do not provide any medical advice or services.  If you have health-related questions, please ask your doctor.

-Volunteers are not lactation consultants.  If you are experiencing challenges with nursing, we will be happy to provide you referrals to local lactation experts.

-Village Volunteers are not babysitters.  A parent must be present in the home during Village Visits.

If you are interested in becoming a Village Volunteer, please follow this link:


And if you would like to request a Volunteer, please do so here:


Feel free to email brattleborovillage@gmail.com with any questions!  We’re looking forward to working with you!