Become A Volunteer

Volunteering with Village is great way to provide real support for new moms while connecting with a great community of local families and fellow Volunteers.

What does a Village Volunteer do?

Our Volunteers understand how important it is for new moms to rest, eat well, and have good company — our mission is simply to show up and help in ways a new mom needs during the early months at home with a new baby.

How often do visits happen?

Village Volunteers typically visit a Family for two hours, once a week, over a period of twelve weeks.

How can I get involved?

Our program is growing and we are ready to welcome a new group of Volunteers.

Orientations for new Village Volunteers are held several times a year, with the timing and location based on the needs of the group.  During these sessions, we cover the guidelines for visiting new moms, review basic newborn care and behaviors, the special needs of the postpartum period, ways to help, and lists of resources for common concerns and questions. Orientations are typically scheduled for one three hour session, either on a weeknight or a weekend day.

All Village Volunteers are invited to join us in our on-going education workshops, social gatherings, and tabling and fundraising events through the year.

Use this form to let us know your interest in becoming a Volunteer with Village, and we’ll be in touch with more information and our upcoming Orientation schedule.

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