It Takes A Village – Home Visiting Program


Our Home Visiting Program provides an extra helping hand for families with new babies. Our volunteers visit once a week in the early months to provide support, company, and conversation.  Brattleboro is the hub of Village, and we serve families within a 45 minute radius. 

Village Volunteers Can . . . .

Hold the baby while you rest, help you organize or clean, play with older children, or do the next load of dishes or laundry. We can offer a listening ear, hear your birth story, and provide resources for questions about common newborn behaviors and breastfeeding.

To learn more about our program and get started with a volunteer, submit the Request A Volunteer form and you will hear from us soon.

Our program is growing and we are always ready for new volunteers.  Visit the Become A Volunteer page to learn more about getting involved with Village.

“Our visits from our Village Volunteer were invaluable. Being a new parent in a new town with a little baby can be so isolating and exhausting and I looked forward to her visits because I knew I could have help around the house as well as someone awesome to talk to about what I was going through. Some visits I’d turn around and notice that my laundry was folded, kitchen cleaned, food cooked and much more. My sanity was saved by having her visit me and I am so extremely thankful for her help and this program! A million times thank you!” 

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